New members: TWIX, AMR-IX, JBIX, and MMIX

We are pleased to inform that the following 4 Internet Exchanges in Asia Pacific have become members of APIX.

  • TWIX (Taipei, Taiwan)    * becomes member on Aug. 2018
  • AMR-IX (Amaravati, India)
  • JBIX (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
  • MMIX (Yangon, Myanmar)

Currently APIX association has 29 members from 17 countries/economies in Asia Pacific region.

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APIX meeting #19

APIX meeting #19 will be held at Daejeon, South Korea, co-locating with APRICOT/APNIC meeting.

Date : Sunday 24 February 2019
Venue: DCC, Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, South Korea

Registration site will be open in late January or early February. Please stay tuned.

This meeting is invitation only.
Please contact Steering Committee if non APIX members would like to attend and share valuable information with APIX members. (Contact: sc{at}

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New member: Ryukyu-IX

Ryukyu-IX, an internet exchange in Okinawa, Japan, has become a member of APIX. Welcome!

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Welcome to APIX

APIX is the association of Internet Exchange Points in the Asia Pacific Region. It serves as a forum for Internet Exchange Points to exchange experiences.

APIX members meet twice a year, at the APNIC Conference and Members meeting. The first meeting is thus always at APRICOT ( following the tradition of APNIC meetings being hosted at APRICOT.

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