Peering Asia 1.0

Peering Asia 1.0, the first open peering event in Asia Pacific region, will be held on 1st to 2nd November 2017 at Westin Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan.

Now registration is open at

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APIX meeting #16

APIX meeting #16 will be held on Monday 11 September 2017, at Spring Room, Level 14, the Splendor Hotel Taichung, Taiwan.

Registration is here (invitation only).

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Welcome to APIX

APIX is the association of Internet Exchange Points in the Asia Pacific Region. It serves as a forum for Internet Exchange Points to exchange experiences.

APIX members meet twice a year, at the APNIC Conference and Members meeting. The first meeting is thus always at APRICOT ( following the tradition of APNIC meetings being hosted at APRICOT.

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